Freddy the Fish

Freddy the Fish is a happy little fish living in clean water! However, one day Freddy wondered what was beyond his little part of the river, so he headed downstream to see the world!

This interactive activity demonstrates the effects of pollution on our water and aquatic life. This activity is appropriate for kindergarten through sixth grade. For older students, you can add more complex sources of run-off.

Materials Needed:
Little boy plays with sponge fish"Pollutants" Needed:
  • Soil/Dirt
  • Raisins (animal waste)
  • Food coloring; we recommend green but any color will do (fertilizer)
  • Salt
  • Paper scraps (litter)
  • Dish soap (acid rain)
  • Coffee grounds (toxic pollutants)
  • Syrup (motor oil)

  • Gather all of the "pollutants" and put each one in its own small cup. For the food coloring, add water to the cup and then a few drops of the food coloring.
  • Cut your sponge into the shape of a fish.
  • Place your fish in the plastic container and pour enough water in so that the fish is floating.
  • Begin reading the Freddy the Fish story.
  • Add each "pollutant" into the water when the story tells you to.
Kids pouring pollutants into Freddy's water

Notice how dirty Freddy's environment becomes. How do you think that makes Freddy feel?

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