New 4-Way Stop Sign to be Installed at South College & Walnut Streets

Last night, Borough Council authorized the Borough solicitor to draft and advertise an ordinance amending Borough Code to establish a 4-way stop for the intersection at South College Street and Walnut Street.

This new stop sign is the perfect example of how residents can make a difference in the Borough! Two residents approached the Borough with concerns about the safety of this intersection. Borough staff conducted traffic studies and implemented various traffic control measures in an attempt to slow down traffic and improve sight distance. These initial measures did not significantly improve safety at the intersection. After discussions with staff at Workshop Meetings, Borough Council ultimately authorized staff to submit a request to PennDOT for the 4-way stop, which was approved.

On Tuesday, June 11, PennDOT will install new stop signs with an “All Way” plaque on them. They will also install temporary flashers on the stop signs, as well as “Stop Ahead” signs to alert drivers during the first 30-60 days of the signs being installed.

Thank you to those residents who reached out with their safety concerns!