TIGER Transportation Improvement Project Getting Underway

Residents of Fairground Avenue and B Street to Receive Pre-Construction Notice from Borough’s Contractor

The TIGER Project, part of the Borough’s Carlisle Connectivity Project, is scheduled to begin construction in the coming weeks. The project will primarily affect the residents along Fairground Avenue and B Street.

TIGER Project

The project includes improvements to Fairground Avenue north of the railroad tracks and improvements to B Street from Fairground Avenue west to N. College Street. Once constructed, the project will feature a 3-point roundabout at B Street and Fairground Avenue, as well as a 4-point roundabout at B Street and North College Street. Other improvements include a paved, mixed-use trail adjacent to the east side of Fairground Avenue; sidewalk, drainage, and sign upgrades; and various streetscape enhancements including new sidewalks, decorative lighting, tree plantings and stormwater management features.

Rogele, Inc., (the Borough’s contractor for the project) will be mailing notices to all properties along Fairground Avenue and B Street immediately adjacent to the project about the upcoming construction work. Residents are advised to keep a lookout for this notice in their mail and respond as soon as possible. In addition, the Borough will be holding public outreach meetings. Notices of these meetings will be sent through the mail to those residents and property owners within the immediate construction area. The Borough also anticipates holding informational sessions with the general public and merchant communities about the project.  The dates and times of these meetings will be provided through the Borough’s social media channels, website, and future press releases.

The Carlisle Connectivity Project (CCP) is a series of transportation upgrades designed to improve mobility around and through the redevelopment sites in northern Carlisle.

The TIGER Project is one component of the CCP and is tentatively planned to be completed around October 2021 timeframe.