Stars Burst Over Carlisle 2020

Stars Burst Over Carlisle 2020 will take on a new hue this year.  Since 1979 “Stars” has brought to area residents the largest fireworks display west of the Susquehanna River.  But this year instead of the sky being the stage, television screens will be the new focus of the community’s Fourth of July celebration.     

"Our lives are changing as a result of the pandemic, calls for racial justice and a possible economic downturn,” said Carlisle Mayor Tim Scott.  “Because of those challenges, this year's Fourth of July celebration is going to look a little different.”

 The program will include visual fireworks.  In addition, patriotic music will be provided by St. Paul’s Brass.  Early residents of Carlisle will be portrayed by members of Historic Carlisle, Inc.

 The production can be viewed at or beginning July 4.

 “So, you think you know Carlisle’s early history,” said Kirk Wilson, writer and producer of the show.  “Did you know the honorable James Wilson had serious money problems.”  Or British spy Major John Andre, while incarcerated in Carlisle, was free to travel six miles outside the town’s limits while facing the growing hatred of many local residents?”

 “Change is going to be a part of all our lives moving forward,” said Scott.  “But one thing that hasn't changed is the sense of community here in the Carlisle region.”

 Scott recognized Craig Hockinson and Southeast Media Productions for stepping up and putting together a fun, interesting and educational production that he says will make this year's Independence Day memorable.

 “I'm excited for our residents to experience it,” the mayor said.

 Historic Carlisle, Inc. members portray Carlisle’s colonial leaders:  Patrick Beaton, portraying Gen. Armstrong, Courtney Cauthon, portraying Molly Pitcher, Larry Foote, portraying James Wilson, Doug Herschel, portraying Chief Justice Gibson and John Lyter, portraying Major John  Andre.
Members of St. Paul’s Brass are Byron Mikesell, Trumpet; Vanessa Shenk, Trumpet; Rich Sterner, Horn; Bob Yinger, Trombone and Don Wagner, Tuba.

Girls saying the Pledge of Allegiance are Lorelei Cauthon, Piper Cauthon, Cassidy Dillon, Saphira Garcia and Rylie Ginter.

Others who make the production possible are the Cumberland County Historical Society and the US Army “Old Guard” Fire & Drum Corps, 3rd U.S. Army Infantry Regiment.

 “STARS BURST OVER CARLISLE 2020” was written and produced by Kirk R. Wilson with design, video and editing by Craig Hockinson.

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