When Do I Need a Permit?

Does your home improvement project need a permit? What kind of permit?

The Borough of Carlisle Zoning Ordinance & Building Codes contains requirements for many home improvement projects you may be planning to undertake. Some projects require both building and zoning permits, while others may only require a zoning or building permit or possibly no permit. 

Guide to Permit Requirements

Building Permit & Zoning Permit
  • A garage, carport, shed, greenhouse, gazebo, pool house, or other structure less than 1,000 square feet and is not an accessory to a detached single-family dwelling.
  • Any garage, carport, shed, pool house, or greenhouse that is not attached to a single-family detached dwelling and is 1,000 square feet or larger
  • Enclosing a porch or patio
  • Installing or building a sunroom or 3-seasons room
  • Installing a deck that is more than 30” above ground level at any point around the perimeter of a deck
  • Installing a deck less than 30” above ground level if it has a roof or covering above it
  • Installing an indoor or outdoor hot tub or spa. With electrical device
  • Installing any swimming pool (in-ground, aboveground, inflatable) that has a water depth of 24” or more
  • Installing a fence higher than 6 feet or a retaining wall higher than 4 feet
  • Installing ground-mounted solar panels
Zoning Permit Only
  • A garage, carport, shed greenhouse, gazebo, pool house or other structure less than 1,000 square feet and is accessory to a detached single-family dwelling.
  • All fences, regardless of height, except for underground (invisible) dog fences
  • Installing an uncovered deck that is less than 30” above ground at all points around the perimeter of the deck
  • Installing a pergola
  • Installing an uncovered patio
  • Installing or expanding a driveway or parking pad

Permit Applications

This list is meant to provide you with a quick reference guide. To be absolutely certain if you need a permit of any kind, or if you have any questions, please contact the Borough's Codes Office at 717-240-6930.
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