Historical and Architectural Review Board

The Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB) was established for the purpose of reviewing all applications filed with the building inspector for sign or building permits for work to be done in the Historic District. The Board meets to review applications and consider appropriate recommendations to be made to Borough Council. The HARB provides suggestions and advice to property owners on proper methods of historic preservation and advises them of guidelines adopted for property owners to follow when undertaking any construction or preservation work in the Historic District.

In addition, the HARB may be called upon to perform the following functions: reviewing limits of the area designated as the Carlisle Historic District; development of a continuing system of identification and preservation of historic landmarks; designation of any places, buildings, monuments, art, or any object having historical, architectural, or cultural value worthy of preservation; or development of a program designed to promote public interest in preservation.

The HARB is composed of seven members appointed by Borough Council to serve four-year staggered terms. Members serve without compensation. One Board member shall be a registered architect, one a licensed real estate broker, one a building inspector and four additional persons with a knowledge of and interest in the preservation of historic districts, two of which additional persons must reside within the historic district and be property owners in the Borough, and one of which additional persons should be a professor or teacher of fine arts with a knowledge of and interest in the preservation of historic districts.  All decisions and procedures of the Board must be consistent with ordinances and codes of the Borough of Carlisle and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All decisions are subject to review by Borough Council.

All meetings are posted on the Borough's calendar.


Preservation Resources
Secretary of Interior's Standards for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings
National Parks Service Preservation Briefs

Historical and Architectural Review Board
(Four-Year Term Expiring in December)





Joshua Dourte (Architect) 1 2027
Douglas Heineman (Broker) P 2027
Martin Siefering P 2027
Thomas Easterly 1 2024
Alyssa DeBlasio 1 2026
Ed Hazel 1 2026
Jordon Holley (Building Inspector) 1 2026
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