Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions. Please search for your answer here before contacting the Carlisle Police Department, as your question may be answered within the site. If you still need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The Carlisle Police Department no longer oversees parking enforcement. Please address all parking related questions to the Parking Enforcement Division at Borough Hall, 53 West South Street. They can be reached by phone at 717-249-4242 or

Additional Information
At the June 3, 2020 Carlisle Borough Workshop meeting, representatives from the Carlisle Police Department gave a presentation to the public and Borough Council. The presentation can be viewed via the Borough of Carlisle's YouTube channel 

Prior to and during the meeting a number of questions were asked, which have been compiled in this document. Since the June meeting, Borough staff has thoroughly researched each of the questions and provided answers in this document. UPDATE: A second part of the Q&A has been added. You can read it here.

If you do not see a specific question that you believe was posed, please be assured that questions and accompanying answers will be addressed and added to this document on a regular basis, along with any new questions posed since the June 2020 meeting.

The Borough of Carlisle sincerely appreciates the engagement received as part of this process and looks forward to continuing to share information as requested.

General Questions

Where is the Carlisle Police Station Located?

The Carlisle Police Station is located at 240 Lincoln Street, Carlisle PA 17013.

Where can I find the crime mapping Website
How can I receive a copy of a police/accident report?

General police reports fall under the Pennsylvania Open Records law, as enacted in January, 2009.  Requests for these reports can be made through the Borough of Carlisle’s Open Records Officer via the borough’s main website or at

As a rule of thumb, reports pertaining to active police investigations are generally not released until the investigation has reached a conclusion. Additionally, all reports will also be redacted to exclude social security numbers, telephone numbers, juvenile names and victim information; if the release of victim information is determined to pose a risk to the victim’s safety.

Accident reports do not fall under the Pennsylvania Open Records law.  Accident reports collected prior to 2017 may be requested Monday –Friday, between 7:30 AM -4:30 PM at the Carlisle Police Department, 240 Lincoln Street, Carlisle.

Accident reports collected after 1/1/2017 are only available by accessing the website

Reports collected after 1/1/2017  MAY NOT be requested at the Carlisle Police Department.

In order to retrieve an accident report, the name of one of the drivers or involved parties, the date of the accident and the report number are required.  This applies to older accident reports requested in person as well as more recent reports requested from

How do I request street closures for an event?
Does the Police Department have a ride-along program?

As a general practice, the Carlisle Police Department encourages ride-alongs. Individuals are permitted to participate in police ride-alongs in order to facilitate or enhance educational programs, assist members of the media, promote a positive department image, allow government officials to gain first-hand knowledge of department operations, or otherwise provide an opportunity for individuals with legitimate interests to observe department operations.

PD Ride Along Policy & Request Form

Does the Police Department do fingerprinting?
The Carlisle Police Department provides fingerprinting Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Friday 8:00 AM until noon. There is a $20.00 charge for the service and requestor must have a valid government-issued I.D. and provide their own finger print cards.
Does the Police Department provide talks to interested civic or community organizations?
Yes, as a means of providing professional guidance in a wide variety of areas relating to law enforcement, the Carlisle Police Department will provide a speaker free of charge to civic groups and other community organizations. Requests should be submitted in writing to the Chief of Police at least 3 weeks prior to the requested date.
How can I file a misconduct complaint?

Currently, concerned citizens can file a complaint of misconduct filling out the Carlisle Police Department Misconduct Complaint Form (Found below). You can then file it:

  • Via U.S. mail sent to Office of the Borough Manager, 53 West South Street, Carlisle, PA, 17013
  • In-person at the Carlisle Police Department
  • Via U.S. mail sent to Police Chief Taro Landis 240 Lincoln St. Carlisle, PA 17013
  • Via telephone by calling 717-243-5252.
  • Via email to Police Chief Taro Landis at

The Carlisle Police Department will investigate all complaints, alleged or suspected, either signed or anonymous, that are made against the department or its employees.

Anonymous complaints are accepted, but keep in mind that you will not receive a response and will not be able to be contacted for future information which could assist in the investigation.

Carlisle Police Misconduct Complaint Form used to file a Misconduct Complaint Form

How can I obtain shelter through the Community CARES Program?
The Carlisle Police Department cooperates with Community Cares Program by providing a free active warrant check for requesting shelter through the program.  Requestors must present valid government-issued photo identification at both the Carlisle Police Department and the Community Cares. Click here to visit the Community Cares website or call (717)-249-1009 for more in-depth information including requirements, locations, and how you can help.
I am a local business. Where can I find information from the Carlisle Police Department concerning their bad check policy?

A memorandum from the Police Chief concerning the Carlisle Police Department’s current policy concerning the writing of bad checks to local businesses can be found by clicking on the below document.

Business Bad Check Writing Policy

I am going away on vacation. Can I request that the Carlisle Police Department keep an eye on my home or business in my absence?

Yes. Under our crime prevention initiative, the Carlisle Police Department will document vacant properties and attempt to keep an eye on homes and businesses that we know to be vacant.  These checks are dependent however on manpower issues and the department assumes no responsibility or liability for the safeguarding of property.

Please be prepared to provide the following information to our dispatcher regarding a property check:

  • Contact information for you in your absence
  • Date of departure and return
  • Names of personnel who may be at your residence in your absence

Please click below for other helpful tips in preventing your home from burglary .

Where can I find information concerning the Carlisle Borough's Code concerning curfew restrictions for persons under 18?

In summary, the Borough of Carlisle has a curfew ordinance.  It is unlawful for any child or children under the age of 16 years to be or remain in or upon any public street, alley, highway or property in the Borough of Carlisle after the hour of 10:00 p.m., prevailing time, unless accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or other person having legal custody of the child or children or unless the employment of the child requires him or her to be out on a public street, highway or property at such time.  It is also unlawful for an child or children 16 or 17 years of age to be or remain in or upon any public street, alley, highway or property in the Borough of Carlisle after the hour of 11:00 p.m., prevailing time, unless accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or other person having legal custody of the child or children or unless the employment of the child requires him or her to be out on a public street, highway or property at such time.

Please note that a child’s adult friend or another adult not having legal custody will not satisfy the requirement for a parent or legal guardian under this ordinance.  Thus, children found in violation of the curfew while in the company of any other adult may be charged with a curfew violation in accordance with this ordinance.

Click here to access the Borough Code in regards to curfew.

Where can I find information on the Carlisle Borough's Code concerning animals?

Please access Chapter 80 of the Carlisle Borough Code by clicking here.

The most frequently asked questions involve animals running at large and noise disturbances.

Chapter 80.4 states “No dog, cat or other domesticated animal or any non-domesticated animal shall be suffered or permitted to run at large in this Borough either upon the public streets or highways or upon property other than the owner of such dog, cat or other animal.”

Chapter 80.5 states “No person shall allow any dog, cat or other domesticated animal or any non-domesticated animal confined on that person’s premises to make any loud or harsh noise or disturbance which shall interfere with or deprive the peace, quiet, rest or sleep of any person within the Borough

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