Police Policies & Procedures

The Borough of Carlisle announced on September 10, 2020 of its intention to elevate transparency and advance public awareness of departmental policies, training, and practices by providing online access to the Carlisle Police Department policies.  

The Borough of Carlisle Police Department policies meet the standards of The Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (PLEAC).  These standards help ensure that the police department policies are current, and that the organization is committed to best practices that lead to the Department’s ability to respond to our community’s needs efficiently, effectively and professionally. These policies are considered living documents that may require revisions in response to  changes to laws, accreditation standards, court decisions, etc.  Additionally , some policies or sections of policies may include information on staffing levels, deployment, response tactics, etc., that may be deemed law enforcement sensitive by legal counsel. Thus, a reader may find some policies are partially redacted and others not published if legal counsel has deemed that disclosure of contents could place police officers or the general public at risk.     

Please continue to check our website often as policies will be uploaded periodically following legal counsel’s review of each policy. 

Should any questions arise regarding a policy, please feel free to contact Police Chief Taro Landis at tlandis@carlislepa.org or Sergeant W. “Dave” Miller at:  wmiller@carlislepa.org

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General Orders31 documents

  • 1.2 Limits of Authority
    document seq 0.012
  • 2.1 Agency Jurisdiction and Mutual Aid
    document seq 0.021
  • 11.1 Organizational Structure
    document seq 0.11
  • 11.5 Goals
    document seq 0.115
  • 12.2 Written Directives System
    document seq 0.122
  • 15.1 Goals and Objectives
    document seq 0.151
  • 15.2 Crime Analysis
    document seq 0.152
  • 16.2 Specialized Assignments
    document seq 0.162
  • 17.1 Fiscal Management
    document seq 0.171
  • 17.2 Budget
    document seq 0.172
  • 17.5 Agency Property
    document seq 0.175
  • 21.1 Job Task Analysis
    document seq 0.211
  • 23.3 Employee Assistance Program
    document seq 0.233
  • 23.5 Employee Identification
    document seq 0.235
  • 23.6 Employee Health and Fitness
    document seq 0.236
  • 23.7 Off Duty and Secondary Employment
    document seq 0.237
  • 24.1 Collective Bargaining
    document seq 0.241
  • 25.1 Grievance Procedure
    document seq 0.251
  • 26.1 Disciplinary Procedure
    document seq 0.261
  • 31.1 Administrative Practices and Procedures
    document seq 0.311
  • 31.2 Equal Employment Opportunity and Recruitment
    document seq 0.312
  • 31.3 Job Announcements and Publicity
    document seq 0.313
  • 32.1 Selection
    document seq 0.321
  • 32.2 Background Checks and Procedures
    document seq 0.322
  • 33.2 Training Academies
    document seq 0.332
  • 33.5 In-Service Training
    document seq 0.50
  • 33.7 Civilian Training
    document seq 0.70
  • 33.8 Career Development
    document seq 0.80
  • 41.8 Mobile Video Recording Equipment
    document seq 3.00
  • 42.3 Polygraph
    document seq 3.00
  • 44.1 Juvenile Operations
    document seq 3.00
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