Water Plant

The Water Plant serves customers throughout the Borough and portions of North Middleton and Middlesex Townships. We maintain emergency interconnects with South Middleton Township and North Middleton Township which can supply the Borough up to 1,500,000 GPD of purified water in the event of an emergency. Raw water from the Conodoguinet Creek is treated to meet Federal and State standards for safe drinking water. Continuous monitoring and laboratory testing is performed to control water taste and color and to assure that water quality requirements of the “Safe Drinking Water Act” are met. Operation and maintenance of all water treatment, pumping, and storage facilities is performed on a 24 hour-per-day, 365 day-per-year basis.

This program also includes maintenance of the water plant buildings and grounds. The various water works facilities were built in stages beginning in 1853, with substantial improvements completed in 1932, 1949, and 1965. Major improvements to the water treatment plant began in July 1993 and were completed in 1996. Improvements to the Long’s Gap Road Dam and Headrace area were finished in 2002.

2021 Water Quality Report

For General Inquiries, please call:

For Water Complaints or Emergencies please call:
(717) 240-6930  Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
(717) 240-6981  (all other times)

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