Racial Equity

**This page is a work-in-progress. Please check back for more information and resources.**

In response to nationwide racial unrest in the summer of 2020, the Borough of Carlisle made a commitment to examine their role in racial oppression and how Council can help borough government and the community make strides toward racial reconciliation and improvement of conditions for those who live and/or work in the Borough of Carlisle. 

On Saturday, December 16, the Borough held an inaugural Town Hall in coordination with the Carlisle Martin Luther King Commemoration Committee and hopes to kick-off a series of deep dives into the racial history, current condition, and the hope for future racial reconciliation.  In November, Borough Council passed a resolution citing the past mistakes the Borough committed regarding the Lincoln Cemetery and restated their commitment to doing the work necessary to prevent missteps in the future.

You can watch the Town Hall on YouTube. View the slides from Deputy Mayor Shultz's presentation here.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission
At the February Borough Council Workshop Meeting, Council discussed the formation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. They also took public comments on the issue. The commission would be comprised of seven members who shall include, but not limited to, individuals representing communities that have been and are marginalized and oppressed by systemic racism. Council will vote on a resolution creating the commission at the March Council meeting. You can view the draft resolution here: Draft Resolution
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