Outside Agency Funding

Purpose of Outside Agency Funding
As part of the Borough’s annual budget process, Borough Council considers requests from organizations that want to improve the Borough of Carlisle. Recipients of funding will have designated projects or programs planned that will achieve this goal.

Submissions for funding should be made by September 30 at noon.

Submissions should be mailed to:
Borough of Carlisle
Assistant Borough Manager
Attn: Grant Guideline Request
53 W. South St.
Carlisle, PA 17013

Submissions may also be e-mailed to the Assistant Borough Manager at osnyder@carlislepa.org.

$10,000 - Annual Funding (subject to change)
$2,500 - Funding limit to 1 organization

Primary Funding Areas

  • Community Beautification: Funds may be used to beautify a particular area of Carlisle Borough. Examples could include planting along a block, neighborhood clean-ups, rental of pickup trucks for bulk clean-up, planting of trees, etc.
  • Social Programs: Funds may be used to support programs in the community that improve resident’s quality of life, particularly children and youth.
  • Support of Community Activities: Funds may be used to participate in community events. Materials or supplies purchased in conjunction with events are examples.
  • Education: Funds may be used to support educational opportunities.

Key Objectives for Organizations to Consider and Answer

  • What is the estimated number of Borough residents that will benefit from your organization’s project and/or mission?
  • How does your organization’s project and/or mission align with current Borough services? Is this a new service or a supplement to an existing service?
  • Identify which primary funding areas will be accomplished if awarded funding.

Decision Process
Submissions will be evaluated by the Assistant Borough Manager, Chairperson or Vice-Chair of the Community Planning and Smart Growth Committee, and the Chairperson or Vice-Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee.

Applicants are required to attend the Borough Council Workshop meeting on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.

 Once approved the Borough will notify recipients and funds will be disbursed based on documentation submitted and approved by the Borough’s Finance Department.

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