Employment Opportunities


Becoming a Lifeguard 2021
Click on the job title for a link to the job description. Starting wages listed below.

Carlisle Community Pool
Assistant Pool Managers (18+ years) $15.00/hour
Head Lifeguards (18+ years or at least 2 years experience with Lifeguarding certification) $11.00/hour
Pool Patrol (Security, 18+ years) $10.00/hour
Lifeguards (15+ years with Lifeguarding certification) $10.00/hour
Pool Attendants (16+ years) $8.00/hour

Summer Day Camp and Memorial Park Playground
Playground Leaders (18+ years) $9.00/hour
Head Playground Leaders (18+ years) $9.50/hour or $12.25/hour w/ a degree
Playground Aids (16+ years) $8.00/hour

Submit your Seasonal Application today, email parksandrec@carlislepa.org or drop it off at the Parks & Rec office, 415 Franklin Street, Carlisle, PA.  

PROGRAM INSTRUCTORS --- hiring for Fall 2021Hiring Program Instructors- Flyer

There are many reasons to work as a Program Instructor with the Parks and Rec Department with the Carlisle Borough.  As an independent contractor, you will reap the benefits of sharing your skills with the community, whilst working a schedule that suits you and your lifestyle; this is a great opportunity to work your magic!  If you have the expertise to teach a sport, craft, or hobby, we want to hear about it!  Submit a "Program Proposal Form" today!  Staff will contact you once your proposal has been received.  This application is the first step in the process, and does not guarantee that your idea will be offered.  Clearances are required.  Thank you for your interest!


Call (717) 243-3318 or email parksandrec@carlislepa.org for more information.

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