Shade Trees

Shade Tree Maintenance

The Carlisle Borough reminds property owners of their responsibility to maintain street trees according to the Shade Tree Ordinance. Dying trees, dead branches and stumps must by removed. On mature trees, limbs must be elevated to eight feet over the sidewalk and fourteen feet over the street. This will keep your sidewalks safe for pedestrians and prevent tree branches from interfering with large trucks and buses.

Tree-lined streets add beauty to our surroundings and stability to our ecosystem.  The Borough of Carlisle’s Shade Tree Ordinance prohibits the removal of healthy, vibrant shade trees without first obtaining an approved permit issued by the Carlisle Parks and Recreation Department. There is no fee to obtain the permit; however, in extreme cases, failure to do so could result in a fine up to $300 per offense.  Please help us keep Carlisle greener by following the shade tree permit process and informing us at 717-243-3318 of any suspicious tree removal you may observe in your neighborhood.  FREE permits are also needed for pruning and planting.

Spring 2021 Street Tree Planting

Complete a planting application if you would like the Borough to plant up to two street trees at your property, at no cost. Sidewalk cuts included. Only property owners may apply.  Funds are limited.  Spring Street Tree Planting application deadline is March 1, 2021. Click on links below for more information.

Spring 2021 Street Tree Application

Approved Street Tree Planting List 

Street Tree Ordinance

Tree Planting Regulations

Tree Pruning Regulations

Sidewalk vs Street Trees

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