Residential Parking Permits

The Borough of Carlisle offers a limited number of parking permits for residents that live on the following streets:

  • 1st block E. Louther Street
  • 1st block W. Louther Street
  • 100 block W. Louther Street
  • 1st block E. North Street
  • 1st block W. North Street
  • 1st block E. Pomfret Street
  • 1st block W. Pomfret Street
  • 1st block N. Bedford Street
  • 1st block S. Bedford Street
  • 1st block N. Pitt Street
  • 1st block S. Pitt Street
  • 100 block N. Pitt Street
  • 100 block S. Pitt Street

These permits are $75 for a 6-month period and they give the resident the ability to park at a meter in the block where they live without having to worry about feeding the meter on a daily basis.

For information on availability and the process to obtain a residential parking permit, contact the Parking Department at 717.249.4422 or by email at

Carlisle Borough 53 West South Street + 717 249 4422 Mon-Fri: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM