Rental Housing Information

On January 12, 2012, Carlisle Borough passed Ordinance 2158 whereby incorporating a new chapter (193) entitled, “Rental Housing” for the purpose of regulating residential rental dwelling units within Borough limits.

View a copy of the ordinance here.

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Potential Revisions 
UPDATE: March 26, 2020: The vote on the Rental Housing Ordinance has been delayed to allow more time for in-person comment and public feedback. View the ordinance here.
Throughout 2019, Borough Council and staff have been hard at work revising the Borough's Rental Housing Ordinance. The focus has been maintaining and improving the health and safety of the Borough's rental housing stock. According to the most recent Census data, the Borough has over 4,500 rental housing units.

The current ordinance requires rentals to be registered with the Borough. Inspections to ensure that a rental is up to code are available under the ordinance but are not mandatory. The center of the discussion has been around creating a mandatory licensing and inspection program for landlords. The potential inspection program has a default inspection period of three years. For properties without violations during that time period, the inspection period could be extended to five years. Exemptions from the inspection process for certain types of housing are also being discussed.

Throughout the process, the Borough has been working directly with landlords and property owners who will be affected by this ordinance. Their suggestions and input have been taken into consideration while crafting the revised ordinance. At the February 13, 2020 Council Meeting, Borough Council directed the Borough Solicitor to finalize a draft of the Rental Housing Amendment and schedule, advertise, and circulate the draft Ordinance for a public meeting for adoption. 

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