2024 Street Improvement Project

Carlisle Borough's Public Works Field Operations Department maintains 58 miles of Borough roads and 18 miles of public alleys. Throughout the year, the department focuses on preservation treatments of existing roads, including crack sealing, base repairs, and pothole repairs. Then beginning in early September (weather permitting), the crews focus on the dry milling and paving of certain sections of road, as well as the microsurfacing and ultra-thin bonded wearing course (UTBWC) maintenance on select roads.

Dry milling involves the mechanical removal of the top 1 1/2 to 2 inches of the existing road surface to remove unsound material and facilitate surface drainage. After the milling occurs, crews will repave those sections of roads. The millings are also reused in various construction projects for the Borough. 

Microsurfacing is an application of a liquid asphalt/stone aggregate mixture coating over the road to extend its useful life. This process helps extend the life of pavement quickly and inexpensively. Microsurfacing also cures quickly, allowing the roads to be open to traffic much faster than traditional paving. 

UTBWC is a PennDOT-approved treatment, sometimes used on interstate highways. It is a modified form of paving in which a polymer-modified emulsified asphalt membrane is placed, then immediately overlaid with an ultra-thin bonded wearing course of hot-mix asphalt concrete in one pass of a single paving machine. The final product will look like regular paving. This process is preventative maintenance and is intended to extend the life of our roads between full mill and pave treatment.

The list of 2024 streets will be posted soon.



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