Current & Upcoming Construction Projects

B Street Paving
The initial paving is complete and the intersection of B Street and West Street has been reopened.

The contractor has only installed the base course paving at this point. They will complete final wearing course pavement of B Street next spring, raising the final road surface about 1.5 to 2 inches above the current surface. There will be a dip in the surface of West Street both north and south of the intersection with B Street at the pavement junction until the final paving is completed in the spring.

The intersection of North West Street and B Street will be closed beginning Thursday, November 18 as crews prepare to repave B Street. Traffic on North West Street will be diverted to Factory Street. The intersection will remain closed until paving is completed.

B Street between Factory Street and North Pitt will also remain closed until paving is completed. The new sidewalks on both sides of B Street are completed available and open to pedestrian travel.

Residents on B Street should place their Borough trash bags and recycling bins in front of their homes next week and the contractor will move them to an intersection so they can be collected.


Page Last Updated November 30, 2021

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