Current & Upcoming Construction Projects

TIGER Project
Rogele, Inc., the Borough's contractor for the TIGER Project, continues to work along the south side of B Street between Fairground Avenue and Factory Street. The contractor's two crews completed demolition/removal of existing sidewalk and curb along the south side of the street; installed electrical conduit for the new street lights, excavated the areas to be occupied by the new rain gardens, formed and poured new curb, sidewalk, and driveway aprons, and installed fire hydrants. 

The concrete subcontractor to Rogele worked on forming and pouring two of the new rain gardens to be located on the south side of B Street.  The subcontractor’s work was delayed due to difficulty in securing rebar needed for the project.  Rogele, Inc. expects to complete the curb and sidewalk work on the south side by the second week of September, then will switch over to working along the north side of B Street.

The contractor currently expects to complete the TIGER Project construction in late April or early May 2022.

2021 Street Improvement Project

Friday, September 10: The Pomfret Street Parking Lot is currently being milled. Once complete, crews will move on to Samuels Drive/Giant Lane.

The following streets will be milled and paved.

  • Linn Drive from Hanover to Pitt (Milling on September 15, Paving on September 16)
  • Acre Drive from Linn to the cul de sac (Milling on September 15, Paving on September 16)
  • Strawberry Court from Acre to boundary (Milling on September 15, Paving on September 16)
  • Sadler Drive from Garland to Biddle (Milling on September 14, Paving on September 16)
  • Sadler Court (Milling on September 14, Paving on September 16)
  • Garland Drive from Ridge to Rockledge (1/2 width to adjoin paving done last year by UGI) (Milling on September 14, Paving on September 15 and 16)
  • Glendale Street from Walnut to Hillside (Milling on September 13, Paving on September 14)
  • Walnut Street at intersection with Orange
  • Sutton from Sherwood intersection and adjoining road segments (Milling on September 13, Paving on September 15)
  • Samuels Drive/Giant Lane from Spring Garden to driveway at Seven Gables Park (Milling on September 10, Paving on September 13 and 14)
New for 2021 will be ultra-thin bonded wearing course (UTBWC) maintenance on select roads. UTBWC is a PennDOT approved treatment, sometimes used on interstate highways. It is  modified form of paving in which a polymer-modified emulsified asphalt membrane is placed, then immediately overlaid with an ultra-thin bonded wearing course of hot-mix asphalt concrete in one pass of a single paving machine. The final product will look like regular paving. This process is preventative maintenance and is intended to extend the life of our roads between full mill and pave treatment.

UTBWC will be performed on the following streets beginning Wednesday, September 22.

  • South Street/Orange Street from Hillside Drive to the intersection of South/Orange
  • Georgetown Circle
  • White Birch from Orange Street to Georgetown Circle.


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