2023 Fall Leaf Collection

**Leaf collection has been extended by one week. The last day for leaf collection will be Friday, December 15**

Leaf Collection will tentatively begin on Monday, October 16, and run through Friday, December 8. There will be no collection on November 10, as well as November 23 & 24.

*New for 2023, the leaf collection vacuum will pick up leaves curbside!*
We understand that some people may not know we are starting this program and have already purchased leaf bags. While we prefer you rake leaves to the curb, crews will still collect paper bags of leaves during this transition to the vacuum program.

  • Leaves must be placed approximately one foot away from the curb or edge of the road pavement in a row parallel to the curb or edge of the road pavement. (The row should not be higher than three feet or wider than four feet).
  • Leaves must not be placed within five feet of any parked vehicle, storm drain, or any other obstacle.
  • Leaves also cannot be placed within the ramps of designated crosswalks.
  • Only leaves should be raked to the curb (no sticks, twigs, branches, other yard waste, trash, or other debris).
Leaf volume and weather uncertainties make it impossible to guarantee curbside leaf collection on a specific day. The leaf collection schedule follows the trash collection routes. Please ensure you place leaves out no more than 24 hours before your collection day. Collection Map

Many properties in the Borough only have backyards. There are several convenient options for moving your leaves from the back of the house to the front. If you happen to have a tarp, canvas cloth, or spare sheet, you can use it to transport your leaves. You can also place leaves into bags to get them to the curb. You can use and reuse any type of bag that suits your needs.

You can still dispose of leaves at the Compost Site if you prefer.

Consider leafcycling! Fallen leaves contribute to a healthy yard by returning nutrients to the soil, supporting soil life and microorganisms, preserving soil moisture, improving your lawn's root systems, reducing weeds, and minimizing stormwater runoff. They also create a habitat for earthworms, butterfly larvae, pollinators, and beneficial insects.


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