Trash and Recycling

***Trash and recycling collection will be delayed by one day the week of May 27.***

Purchase Trash Tags Online

**2024 Trash Costs**
-Per the Borough's 2023-2025 contract with Waste Connections, the quarterly cost for trash collection in 2024 will be $80.25, and Trash Tags will cost $7.92/each. 

-2024 Tags can now be purchased at Borough Hall and the Stuart Community Center. Online sales of the new tags begin on December 22.

-If you have unused yellow tags, you can exchange them for 2024 green tags by paying the $1.00 difference. Please note that we are only offering tag exchanges and not buybacks. Exchanges can be done at Borough Hall and the Stuart Community Center.

Under the Borough's 2023-2025 solid waste contract, residents can leave out one bag or reusable container, with a content weight limit of up to 40 pounds each week. If a resident has more than 40 pounds of trash in a week, they can purchase tags to attach to additional bags. Trash and recycling should be left curbside no more than 24 hours in advance of your collection day.

Residents provide their own reusable containers and/or bags. According to the contract with Waste Connections, a container is defined as "one constructed of plastic, metal, or fiberglass, having handles of adequate strength for lifting, containing no more than 40 pounds of refuse*, and able to be easily handled by one person." The Borough recycling toters and bins cannot be used for trash. Waste Connections suggests using a 35-gallon toter or container. The photo below illustrates examples of acceptable and non-acceptable containers. 

*The 40-pound weight limit applies to the actual trash in the container and does not include the weight of the containers. 

examples of trash containers
You are not required to use a reusable container. Trash can also be placed curbside in a trash bag of your choosing, provided the bag is of sufficient durability.

Refuse (trash) is defined in the Borough Code as "all matter and materials which are discarded or rejected by the owners or producers thereof as offensive or useless, or which by their presence or accumulation may injuriously affect the health, comfort, and safety of the citizens of the Borough of Carlisle; it shall include ashes, garbage, rubbish, trash, and other refuse materials, but exclude human body waste; debris from household renovations, whether interior or exterior; dirt; rock; lead pipes; limbs or the trunks of trees greater than three inches in diameter; hazardous wastes; and recyclable items as defined herein."

Recycling is picked up weekly in the current designated bins and toters and residents can leave out one bulk item per week. 

In 2024, Waste Connections charges the Borough $80.25/quarter per residence to pick up trash and recycling and $7.92 per additional tagged bag. Waste Connections' charges for services are passed on to property owners. A flat fee of $80.25/quarter is added to a resident/property owner's utility bill, along with water, sewer, and stormwater.

Trash Tags: If a resident has more than 40 pounds of trash in a week, they can purchase tags to attach to additional bags. Tags cost $6.92 each and are available at Borough Hall, the Stuart Community Center, and online ordering. You can also order them over the phone at 717-249-4422. 

Please report a missed collection by contacting us at 717-240-6930, or by using this online form.

Recycling is picked up the same day that your trash is picked up. Recyclables must be in your designated bin or toter. 
Recycling Bin and Toter

Carlisle Borough residents who live in apartments with three units or less or who live in single or two-family dwellings must utilize the Borough's trash system. Owners of multi-family dwellings with four or more units must contract with a commercial hauler.


Trash collection will be ONE day late when your collection day falls on on or after one of the following holidays:  Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and New Year's Day (2025).

Bulk Item Pick-Up
Residents can place one bulk item out for collection each week.

Acceptable items include: Furniture, carpeting (carpets must be rolled, secured with string or tape and no longer than 6 feet long), mattresses, box springs, appliances or white goods provided two persons can lift the item into the back of the truck.
Please note: Items may not be longer than 6′ in length in order to fit into the truck without binding up the crusher.

Non-acceptable items include: Electronics, construction debris, tires, automobile parts, brick, block, blacktop, rocks, dirt, tree trunks, stumps or roots, wood, commercial/industrial waste, household hazards waste, paint, pesticides, solvents/chemicals, liquids, petroleum products, batteries, items too heavy for two people to lift (i.e. riding lawn mowers, pianos, etc.).

**Pick-up of appliances that use freon, such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners, must be scheduled in advance. Call 717-240-6930 to schedule a pick-up.**

Other Services
The Borough offers several other collection services for its residents. Leaves are collected for approximately six weeks in the fall. Brush is collected curbside once in the spring and once in the fall. Christmas trees are collected for two weeks in January. We will publish more information on these seasonal programs on our website and social media as the dates approach.

Compost Facility
The Borough of Carlisle operates a compost facility that is located off Post Road. This facility allows Borough residents to drop off leaves and brush throughout the year. This material is composted and ground up to create mulch for Borough residents to use in their flowerbeds, gardens, etc. The Compost Facility is currently open and operating under the Spring/Summer hours.

The above information is for Borough residents.
Trash collection information for commercial, institutional, and municipal establishments.

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