Trash and Recycling

New Trash & Recycling Program for 2023

Welcome to the Borough of Carlisle’s Solid Waste and Recycling Program. The Borough operates on a “Pay as You Throw” program. Under the Pay as You Throw model, households only pay for the trash they generate.

The system is pretty simple-you place your trash in Borough designated bags and it is picked up weekly. You can buy these bags at Borough Hall or at several area retailers. In 2022, the bags, produced by WasteZero, will cost $5.85 each. The cost of the bag is meant to cover the collection costs for trash and recycling, as well as other Borough services such as leaf and brish collection and the compost facility. Each bag must weigh no more than 40 pounds once filled. Make sure it is tied at the top and then place it curbside no more than 24 hours before your designated pick-up day.

Orange Borough Trash Bag
Please report a missed collection by contacting us at 717-240-6930, or by using the Report an Issue button at the top of the page.

Recycling is picked up the same day that your trash is picked up. Recyclables must be in your designated bin or toter

Carlisle Borough residents who live in apartments with three units or less or who live in single or two-family dwellings must dispose of their trash in the trash bags designated by the Borough. Owners of multi-family dwellings with four or more units must contract with a commercial hauler.


Trash collection will be ONE day late when your collection day falls on, or follows, one of the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Bulk Item Pick-Up
Residents who participate in the Borough’s Pay as You Throw Program are eligible for one bulk item pick-up per week. Bulk items are items that are too large to fit inside an orange Borough trash bag.

Bulk items must be placed curbside along with your designated orange Borough trash bags and recyclables no more than 24 hours before your designated pick-up day.

Acceptable items include: Furniture, carpeting (carpets must be rolled, secured with string or tape and no longer than 6 feet long), mattresses, box springs, appliances or white goods provided two persons can lift the item into the back of the truck.
Please note: Items may not be longer than 6′ in length in order to fit into the truck without binding up the crusher.

Non-acceptable items include: Electronics, construction debris, tires, automobile parts, brick, block, blacktop, rocks, dirt, tree trunks, stumps or roots, wood, commercial/industrial waste, household hazards waste, paint, pesticides, solvents/chemicals, liquids, petroleum products, batteries, items too heavy for two people to lift (i.e. riding lawn mowers, pianos, etc.) or an item which weighs less than 40 pounds and would fit into a Borough bag.

**Pick-up of appliances that use freon, such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners, must be scheduled in advance. Call 717-240-6930 to schedule a pick-up.**

Other Services
The Borough offers several other collection services for its residents. Leaves are collected for approximately six weeks in the fall. Brush is collected curbside once in the spring and once in the fall. Christmas trees are collected for two weeks in January. We will publish more information on these seasonal programs on our website and social media as the dates approach.

Compost Facility
The Borough of Carlisle operates a compost facility that is located off Post Road. This facility allows Borough residents to drop off leaves and brush throughout the year. This material is composted and ground up to create mulch for Borough residents to use in their flowerbeds, gardens, etc. The Compost Facility is currently open and operating under Fall/Winter hours.

Trash Collection Stickers

The Borough’s trash bag vendor has been experiencing the effects of nationwide supply chain issues. Delays in obtaining raw materials, including resin*, have impacted the company’s ability to produce and deliver the bag quantities necessary to meet the Borough supply demands for residential trash bags. Given the inventory challenges of orange Borough bags, the Borough has instituted an additional option for trash collection.

Residents have the option to continue using Borough bags when available or purchase trash collection stickers for $5.54/sticker that they will place on trash bags of their choice. Residents may purchase any size or type of trash bag at a store of their choice. (However, the weight limit of 40 pounds will still be imposed). 

  • Residents can purchase stickers at participating stores that currently sell Borough bags, Borough Hall and the Stuart Community Center. Click here for the list of vendors selling stickers.
  • Residents are encouraged to purchase non-Borough trash bags of sufficient durability as non-Borough bags that break open during collection will be the responsibility of the resident.
  • Stickers should be prominently placed and secured at the top of each non-Borough trash bag for easy visibility by the Borough’s waste hauler, Waste Connections.
  • Orange Borough bags may continue to be used by residents who have them in stock, or any time that they are available for purchase.
  • Recycling will be picked up in the designated bins and toters as usual.
  • Bulk item collection will also continue as normal.
  • The Borough’s Solid Waste Fund currently has an operating deficit. The $5.54 sticker price does not cover the full cost of trash and recycling collection. To limit further financial strain on households, Solid Waste Fund reserves are being used to maintain the current price in 2022 instead of the price increase to $6.57 per bag that would have been necessary to support the full cost of trash and recycling collection.


The above information is for Borough residents.
Trash collection information for commercial, institutional, and municipal establishments.