Additional Recycling Containers Available for Purchase

Recycling is picked up the same day that your trash is picked up. Recyclables must be in your designated bin or toter. 
Recycling Bin and Toter  Do not place your recyclables in cardboard boxes or plastic bags.  

Recyclable Materials
The following are eligible recycling materials which should be placed clean, dry, and debris-free in your designated recycling container for collection.

GLASS: Glass food and beverage containers with liquid and food debris removed. Labels do not need to be removed.

PAPER: Newspapers (not bound or in plastic bags), magazines, catalogs, paper bags, mail, junk mail, telephone books, printer, copier, and computer paper, construction and Kraft paper, cereal boxes, shoe boxes or similar.

CANS: Aluminum, bi-metallic, tin & steel including beverage & food cans (rinsed & debris-free)

PLASTICS: Plastic containers with numbers 1,2, & 5.. Typically includes clear plastic soda bottles, shampoo bottles, bleach bottles. Food debris must be removed.

CARDBOARD: Plain corrugated cardboard with ribs (must be tied/bundled; broken down, no larger than 2’X2′) Debris-free portions of pizza boxes.

METAL: Ferrous (iron, steel, tin) cans with food debris removed.

Non-Recyclable Materials
The following are not eligible recycling materials which must be placed in Borough trash bags for collection.

GLASS: Broken glass, light bulbs, windows, auto glass, ceramic dishes, Pyrex, china, mirrors, cookware & drinking glasses (Carefully contain broken items & place in Borough trash bags)

PAPER: Waxed milk/juice cartons, facial tissue, soiled napkins, paper plates & cups, shredded paper

CANS: Aerosol, paint, or oil (Only latex paint cans may be placed in Borough trash bags if allowed to dry out completely)

PLASTIC: Styrofoam. Plastic bags, lids & all other unnumbered plastics. Examples include coffee cups, meat trays, lids or caps & egg cartons.

CARDBOARD: Cardboard that has food residue on it, including the greasy portions of pizza boxes. Coated cardboard, such as juice containers, milk cartons, and soda cartons.

METAL: Foil, coat hangers, cookware/bakeware & drink mix containers. Household items such as toasters, cookware, electronics, and appliances. Hydro needles must be carefully disposed of by placing them in a container before placing it in a Borough trash bag. (Cumberland County offers an Electronics recycling center. Please visit their website for more information.)

Printable Recycling Guidelines Flyer

Recycling Contamination
Non-recyclable items improperly placed in a recycling bin require special processing by the Borough’s waste hauler. This results in higher waste disposal fees to Borough residents and/or items left curbside because they do not meet the recycling criteria. Please follow proper recycling procedures to keep the program affordable and to ensure that your curbside service does not become problematic for you or the waste hauler.

The Borough is placing a lot of emphasis on recycling right because our country is in the middle of a recycling crisis. 

Because of this, more and more municipalities around the country have cut back on the number of items they will accept for recycling. Some have even had to eliminate their recycling programs altogether. 

It’s important to keep recycling right and keep contamination to a minimum. 


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