Water Service Line Inventory

The Federal Government, through its Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is requiring all drinking water systems to inventory their water service line material to understand where lead pipes exist in the system. A water service line is the pipe that connects the water main to a building's internal plumbing.

While lead is cheap to produce/mine and was used in many products including paint, gasoline, and pipes for many years, it has now been proven harmful to humans, especially children. Lead can permanently affect the brain, bones, kidneys, and heart. Lead poisoning impacts on children include lower IQs, learning disabilities, attention deficit and hyperactivity and other behavioral issues, impaired hearing, anemia, and decreased growth.

The EPA has determined that no amount of lead in water is safe.

water service line diagram

Please help us comply with EPA requirements by reporting your water service line material. Water service lines are separated into two sections, from the water main to the curb is owned by the Borough, and from the curb to the building is owned by the property owner. We have records for our lines but do not have complete records for property owners' lines.

Water Service Line Material Examples

Lead Pipes PhotoGalvanized Steel PhotoCopper Pipe PhotoPlastic Pipe Photo

You will first want to locate your water service line. The pipe is typically located in the lowest building level and is connected to the water meter. You also need a magnet and a coin to help identify the material.

  • Lead pipes will be a dull silver or grey color. A magnet will NOT stick to a lead pipe. Use a coin to gently scrape the pipe and expose the material. If the pipe is lead, the material will be silver.
  • Galvanized steel or iron pipes are also a dull silver or grey color, but a magnet WILL stick to it.
  • Copper pipes are the color of a penny and a magnet will NOT stick to it. If you gently scrape the pipe, it will be copper in color.
  • Plastic pipes will be white, beige, blue, or black. They are not metallic and a magnet will NOT stick to them.

Once you have located and identified the line material, take a photo of the material using this graphic as an example.
line photos

There are several ways to submit your water service line information to us.

  • Fill out the form that was included in your water bill (Download a copy here)

  • Pick up a copy of the form at Borough Hall, 53 West South Street, or the Stuart Community Center, 415 Franklin Street, and fill it out.

  • Click here to submit the information online.

  • If you would prefer to have someone from the Borough assist you with identifying the material, please contact Jeff Bergsten at 717-240-6908.


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