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**Due to the growing impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Carlisle Borough is taking precautionary measures with respect to playground and equipment within its public parks. The Center for Disease Control indicates that the virus can live on specific surfaces for several hours (for example: plastics and stainless steel 72 hours). Thus in order to help reduce possible transmission of the virus, the Borough will be posting signs requesting non-use of the playground equipment until further notice.**
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  • Parks & Facilities

Biddle Mission Park

Biddle Mission Park is a 5 acre park located at 311 North East Street.

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Butcher Tot Lot

The Butcher Family Tot Lot is a one-acre park located at 46 Chestnut Avenue. Read More
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Carlisle Community Pool

The Carlisle Community Pool is open from Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day Weekend. Read More
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Cave Hill Nature Center

Cave Hill Nature Center is a 20-acre park located at 6 Cave Hill Drive. Read More
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Forbes Path

Forbes Path is a 7/10 of a mile-long trail connected to Valley Meadows Park. There are trail entrances at Valley Meadows Park, Hillside Drive, and Royer Road.

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Goodyear Park

Goodyear Park is a 4 acre park located at 205 South Bedford Street. Read More
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Heberlig-Palmer Park

Heberlig-Palmer Park is a 2 acre park located at 131 Lincoln Avenue. Read More
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LeTort Park

Fort LeTort Park is a 12 acre park located at 260 East Pomfret Street. Read More
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Lindner Park

Lindner Park, the oldest park in the Borough, is 2 acres. Read More
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Memorial Park

Memorial Park is a two-acre park located at 149 West Penn Street. Memorial Park is home to Carlisle Hope Station, a non-profit organization. Read More
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Mooreland Athletic Area

The Mooreland Athletic Area is 7 acres and is located by Mooreland Elementary School. Read More
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Seven Gables Park

Seven Gables Park is a 13-acre park located at 3 Giant Avenue. Read More
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Shaffer Park & Cabin

Shaffer Park is an 18-acre park located at 1649 Spring Road. Shaffer Cabin is available to rent. Read More
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Spahr Tot Lot

The Spahr Tot Lot is a one-acre park located at 231 East Mulberry Avenue. Read More
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Stuart Community Center

Find out more using the helpful links below. Read More
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Thornwald Park

Thornwald Park is a 32-acre park located at 350 Walnut Bottom Road. Thornwald Park is home to an amphitheater and an orienteering course. Read More
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Valley Meadows Park

Valley Meadows Park is an 18-acre park located at 203 Meadow Boulevard. Read More
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