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Biddle Mission Park

Biddle Mission Park is a 5 acre park located at 311 North East Street.

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Butcher Tot Lot

The Butcher Family Tot Lot is a one-acre park located at 46 Chestnut Avenue. Read More
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Carlisle Community Pool

The Carlisle Community Pool is closed for the 2020 season due to Covid-19. Read More
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Cave Hill Nature Center

Cave Hill Nature Center is a 20-acre park located at 6 Cave Hill Drive. Read More
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Forbes Path

Forbes Path is a 7/10 of a mile-long trail connected to Valley Meadows Park. There are trail entrances at Valley Meadows Park, Hillside Drive, and Royer Road.

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Goodyear Park

Goodyear Park is a 4 acre park located at 205 South Bedford Street. Read More
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Heberlig-Palmer Park

Heberlig-Palmer Park is a 2 acre park located at 131 Lincoln Avenue. Read More
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LeTort Park

Fort LeTort Park is a 12 acre park located at 260 East Pomfret Street. Read More
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Lindner Park

Lindner Park, the oldest park in the Borough, is 2 acres. Read More
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Memorial Park

Memorial Park is a two-acre park located at 149 West Penn Street. Memorial Park is home to Carlisle Hope Station, a non-profit organization. Read More
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Mooreland Athletic Area

The Mooreland Athletic Area is 7 acres and is located by Mooreland Elementary School. Read More
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Seven Gables Park

Seven Gables Park is a 13-acre park located at 3 Giant Avenue. Read More
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Shaffer Park & Cabin

Shaffer Park is an 18-acre park located at 1649 Spring Road. Shaffer Cabin is available to rent. Read More
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Spahr Tot Lot

The Spahr Tot Lot is a one-acre park located at 231 East Mulberry Avenue. Read More
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Stuart Community Center

Find out more using the helpful links below. Read More
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Thornwald Park

Thornwald Park is a 32-acre park located at 350 Walnut Bottom Road. Thornwald Park is home to an amphitheater and an orienteering course. Read More
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Valley Meadows Park

Valley Meadows Park is an 18-acre park located at 203 Meadow Boulevard. Read More
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