February's "Thinking About Race Thursday Event"

The Borough's Truth and Reconciliation Commission will hold another Thinking About Race Thursday event on February 10 at 6:00 p.m. at the Stuart Community Center, 415 Franklin Street. These events serve as a way for the TRC to hear directly from individuals in the community who have been impacted by systemic racism. At these meetings, the community will also be able to learn more about the TRC's goals and progress and ask questions of the members.

For February's event, the TRC has posed the following questions for discussion during the meeting.
  • How do you feel about Black History Month?
  • Reflect on the following quote from the Philadelphia Tribune: “The history of Black Americans is a testament to the human spirit. Despite enslavement and centuries of brutal discrimination, many Black Americans became creators of a strategy for living and triumphed over their conditions with faith, resilience, and dignity. Knowledge of this history can inform and uplift those who are struggling to overcome life’s challenges. However, Black History Month was never supposed to be the end goal. It is the beginning — a small spark that hopefully will bring light to the minds of all Americans to seek more information for greater knowledge and understanding.”  How do you relate to this quote? What are your feelings about Black History Month? How can we relate that to life in the Carlisle Borough?
  • How do you feel about the Borough crest retirement?

Zoom access is also available for this event:
Meeting ID: 830 2207 9046
Passcode: 030020

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