Water Main Replacement Project

At the July Workshop meeting, Public Works and Water Resources Director Mark Malarich provided Borough Council with an update on the 2022 Water System Replacement Project.

A significant portion of the Borough's water distribution lines are aging and have either exceeded or are approaching the end of their typical service life. We plan to replace one to two miles of old cast iron water distribution main each year to ensure Borough residents have a clean and reliable water system for generations to come.

The next phase includes portions of the following streets:
North West
West Louther
West Pomfret
Porter Avenue
East Louther
East Mulberry Avenue
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These areas represent the portions of the Borough where the most water main breaks occurred. In addition to replacing water mains, the project also involves replacing older water valves, hydrants, air release valves, and water service lines in the area with new materials. The streets will be milled and repaved after the water line replacement.

Council may vote to approve the construction bid at their next meeting. Once started, the project should take 14 months to complete. This project will have a significant impact to residential parking in some areas. Staff will conduct outreach to residents and businesses and provide options for parking when the time comes.
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