Restoration Complete

The milling and paving is now complete. Thank you for your patience!

The final phase of the 2022/2023 Water Main Replacement Project is currently underway.

The final phase is the curb-to-curb milling and repaving of the streets included in the project. 

The roads will be milled and repaved in the following order:

  • East Louther St. from the bridge over LeTort Spring Run to North Spring Garden St.
  • Porter Ave. from East North St. to East Louther St.
  • East Mulberry Ave. from North Bedford St. to dead-end in alley
  • West Pomfret St. from South College St. to South Pitt St.
  • West Louther St. from North Orange St. to Cedar St.
  • Cherry St. from West Louther St. to West North St.
  • West Louther St. from North College St. to North West St.
  • Lincoln St. from Wetzel Ave. to Franklin St.
  • Lincoln St. from North College St. to Factory St.
  • North West St. from Lincoln St. to B St.
The contractor will place "No Parking" signs up on the streets to be milled and paved a few days before the work begins.

Thank you again for your patience as we complete this important work!
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