Vision Zero

At their August meeting, Borough Council passed a resolution in support of Vision Zero. With this resolution, Carlisle joins cities across the world in the Vision Zero movement to eliminate traffic-related deaths and serious injuries and increase safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all.

Vision Zero is a strategy to reduce traffic fatalities and severe injuries among ALL road users, whether walking, biking, riding scooters, driving, etc., to zero. The policy purports that traffic deaths and serious injuries are not inevitable but preventable. Vision Zero recognizes that people will make mistakes, so the roads and related policies and systems should be designed to ensure that these mistakes do not result in severe injuries or fatalities.

By adopting the resolution, we commit to the safety of our streets by implementing designs that consider road users in order of vulnerability, deploying quick and cost-effective measures to protect human health and lives on our roads as soon as possible, developing an Active Transportation Plan, and monitoring, tracking, and reporting the effectiveness of these measures.

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