H20 PA Grant

Borough Receives H20 PA Grant for Sewer System Rehabilitation Project

The Borough of Carlisle was recently awarded a $520,000 COVID-19 ARPA H20 PA grant to use for the Carlisle Regional Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation Project, which addresses aging sanitary sewer infrastructure. The Borough’s sanitary sewer system consists of approximately 74 miles of sanitary gravity and force mains, over 1,400 manholes, and five pumping stations. The system not only serves the Borough, but several other Cumberland County municipalities, including the townships of North Middleton, South Middleton, West Pennsboro, Middlesex, and Silver Spring.

“Thank you to Senator Greg Rothman and Representative Barb Gleim for supporting our application for this important project,” said Mayor Sean Shultz.  “Their support of these critical upgrades to our aging water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure helps us fulfill our commitment to maintaining a sustainable and dependable water system for generations to come.”

The grant proceeds will help fund the rehabilitation work on Sewer System Area No. 2, which serves the southwest portion of the Borough and the northwest portion of South Middleton Township between Allen Road and the Walnut Bottom Corridor. Area No. 2 is tributary to the Ridge Street Wastewater Pumping Station, which experiences the largest increases in flow between dry weather and wet weather periods. These increases can cause disruptions to the biological processes at the Carlisle Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, as well as increased treatment costs.

The sanitary sewer mains within this area of the system are comprised of short sections of terracotta pipe installed between 1900 and 1950. The project involves a combination of lining sewer mains, digging up and replacing sewer mains found to be in a condition too degraded for lining, and lining manholes comprised of either brick walls or concrete with visible signs of defects. All of the municipalities served by the system will benefit from this project by reducing the amount of inflow and infiltration entering the system and reducing the pressure that large increases place on the biological processes at the treatment plant.

The Borough will advertise for construction bids on the project in early 2024 and expects to have the project completed late summer 2024.


The H20 PA Act provides grants to municipalities or municipal authorities to assist with the construction of drinking water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater projects. Act 54 of 2022 appropriated American Rescue Plan Act funds to the H20 PA program.

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