Bedford & East Phase II Concepts Unveiled

At Borough Council's most recent Workshop Meeting, representatives from Dawood Engineering presented preliminary conceptual ideas for the next phase of the Bedford and East traffic calming project. The project is designed to enhance safety and calm traffic on both Bedford and East Streets. Phase II focuses on potential improvements to the intersection where the two corridors meeting in the north near Henderson Street, land and parking configuration improvements, as well as other traffic calming improvements along both corridors.

Dawood presented what they called "a true menu" of options to Council in their presentations. Potential features include a potential roundabout where North Bedford and North East Streets intersect, curb extensions, raised intersections, parking modifications, bike boxes, and protected bike lanes. You can watch DaWood's complete presentation below. You can also view the plans here.

Borough staff also presented the ideas to and received initial feedback from the East Side Neighbor's Association at their monthly meeting. There will be another opportunity for feedback at a public meeting. We will provide more details once available.

Construction on Phase I was completed in November of 2023. This included modifications to the intersection of North Bedford, East Penn Street, and Kerrs Avenue. The construction involved realigning the offset intersection through the construction of bump outs along the four corners of the intersection and at the intersection of Kerrs Avenie and East Penn Street. The aim was to enhance pedestrian visibility to motorists, provide shorter crossing lengths for pedestrians, and better guide motorists through the intersection.
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