Phone Scam

We want to alert you to a potential phone scam. A resident reported receiving a phone call where the caller ID indicated it was coming from the Borough of Carlisle. Upon answering, the caller proceeded to ask them for personal information about their Medicare and insurance. The resident recognized this was a scam and hung up the phone without answering any questions. The Borough will not call you unsolicited and ask you to provide personal information.

Phone scammers can use illegal spoofing techniques to send false information to caller ID displays. They often impersonate local utilities and government agencies to trick people into answering the phone. 

The United States Federal Trade Commission offers helpful advice to help you avoid becoming the victim of a scam.

  • Block unwanted calls and text messages.
  • If you answer and it's not who you expected, hang up immediately.
  • Do not provide personal or financial information in response to unexpected requests.
  • Never assume an unexpected call is legitimate. Hang up and call back using a number you can verify.
  • Don't press any buttons. If the caller asks you to press any buttons, hang up..
  • Resist the pressure to act immediately. Anyone who pressures you for payment or information is a scammer.
  • Stop and talk to someone you trust. Talking about it with a friend, family member, or neighbor could help you realize it's a scam.
  • Report scam phone calls to the Carlisle Borough Police Department at 717-243-5252. You should also report them to the FTC at
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